If you play sports
Palmball will improve your game

The Real Game-Changer:2 Paddles & 2 Hits

Make their first sports experience positive and fun! Already playing sports? Palmball is your FAST TRACK to VARSITY. Play in the backyard or the beach. It's portable, so you can easily take this great social distancing activity anywhere.

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2 Reasons You've Never Seen Anything Like PALMBALL

You have 2 Paddles.
One Paddle in each hand.

But the true Game Changer is...
You can Control the action using 2 Hits!

2 Reasons You've Never Seen Anything Like PALMBALL

You have 2 Paddles.One Paddle in each hand.

But the true Game Changer is...You can Control the action using 2 Hits!

Play Palmball. Improve Your Game.

3 Ways to Play PALMBALL

Universal Skill Builder

Warm up with Palmball and consistently develop the foundational skills essential to thrive in sports. Better eye/hand is just the start. See all the skills that you’ll boost…

Fast-Track to Varsity

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Perfect 1st Sport

You want your child’s 1st sports experience to be positive… not frustrating. Kids who can’t hit a beach paddle ball more than twice, will achieves rallies up to 30 hits!

How is this even possible?!

Find Out How


Grab your Paddles, and a few friends, and “Keep it Alive”. Hacky Sack was the same idea, but that was hard. Palmball is Easy. The shots you’ll make will Blow peoples’ minds!

Get 3 generations playing!

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How to Play

Learn the Basics with Coach Cree

Before you play Palmball for the 1st time, and join Palmball Nation, we ask a very important favor. Please partake in…

The Palmball Pledge

"When learning the basics of Palmball, I pledge to use BOTH HANDS, and BOTH HITS, to control the action and unlock the mind-blowing fun that is Palmball!"

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The Palmball Starter Kit

A Palmball Kit includes PalmPaddles for 2 People. Players hold their PalmPaddles, one in each hand. Kit includes: 4 PalmPaddles, 2 PalmBalls and it comes with a Custom Palmball Bag.