Palmball is a Great Training Tool for Volleyball!

Palmball is a Great training tool for Volleyball players at all levels.

If you are a beginner, it will help build confidence in these skills, at the Varsity Level you can work every critical skill needed to succeed on the court, and as a Pro Phil uses Palmball to warm up before every match.

Phil Dalhausser talks Warming up with Palmball with his wife Jen.

Palmball is a great way to warm up for any sport. Palmball gets your body moving, awakens your central nervous system, starts your blood pumping, and now your ready to jump into the game. Because it’s low impact, you’re not fatigued, you are energized

Be the 1st on your beach with Palmball and blow people's minds!

Grab a friend or play in a group – the goal is to keep the ball off the ground.

No Setup. Play Anywhere.

Fun for all ages.

Play in a Circle.

Social Distance Activity.

Anyone can join any time.

Play 1v1.