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Warm up with Palmball and consistently Develop the Foundational Skills Essential to Thrive in Sports. Better eye/hand is just the start. See all the skills that you’ll boost…

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Play Palmball and develop all these essential skills

Fast Hands

Palmball increases hand strength and conditioning skills with fast-paced, hitting/reacting solo or team play. Like boxing or soccer, fast hands are crucial for an exciting game.

Great for baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey players.

Eye Hand Coordination

The Champion of all Skills. To succeed in any sport, you need your eyes and hands to work together. Palmball consistently improves eye/hand coordination, across all sports.

Great for baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, volleyball, soccer, boxing, hockey, football.

Soft Hands

During one-on-one games, the 2-hit mechanism provides skillful and interesting ways for players to keep the ball moving and — for team play — a controlled setting pass to your teammate.

Great for tennis players, volleyball players, catchers, wide-receivers, lacrosse players.

Ball Tracking

With Palmball, players should always be tracking the ball, whether it's over the shoulder or straight-ahead. The direction is constantly changing and players need to pair their lightning-fast reaction speeds with hand skills to beat an opponent.

Great for outfielders, goalies, infielders, wide receivers, and volleyball players.


Proper footwork and a quick 1st step is also an important skill across all sports. Palmball drives it home with instant movements from side-to-side, or front-to-back, to stay with the ball. Try the quick drop step, always on the balls of your feet and square to the ball.

Great for baseball players, volleyball players, and goalies.

Fast Eyes

Palmball strengthens and increases eye-hand-body coordination: the eyes and limbs working together to accurately perceive the soccer ball the foot is about to kick.  Eye teaming: the eyes working together so a player can whip a strong chest pass to a teammate racing upcourt

Great for all baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, and hockey players.


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