Our Story

Palmball got its roots back in my UMass days, when while at Nauset Beach we forgot our Kadima Paddles. Growing restless with nothing to do, I found some beach rocks that were pretty big, and flat, and used those Rocks as Paddles, and it was incredibly fun. I took a bunch of Rocks home and created courts, and scoring with my friends. “Prehistoric Paddle” (PHP) had arrived!

We pitched PreHistoric Paddle to the Athletic Director at UMass, and he gave us the green light to teach PHP as a P.E. class. We were beyond excited. Our sport was now legit !

Over time, the courts, the scoring and the strategy has evolved. In 2005, The Squam Crew introduced “Bump-Set-Spike”, and it revolutionized our game forever. Now PHP played more like Beach Volleyball.

For years, an ever changing core group of players get together weekly to play. The end of each season culminates with our PHP Invitational Tournament. Watch a couple of points, and you’ll see why this sport is a legitimate, competitive sport.

We Love PreHistoric Paddle,but Don’t Try it at Home!!!

These are big rocks, and the risk factor is real. Rocks will fly and it’s just not safe. So I’ve kept our game local with a tight crew who respect the rock and play with safety as a high priority.

All that changed during Covid Summer of 2020. In my garage I took my young daughters’ Rock Paddles, traced them, and created exact replica paddles made out of wood. Replacing rocks with wood paddles made it decidedly safer and much easier. My girls LOVED it!

Then, when I played with my high level “PHP crew”, the action was truly unbelievable. All Summer, every time we played, people everywhere stopped and watched, “What is that game? Where can I get it ?”
The crowd reaction was utterly mind blowing.

Palmball creator Steve Creelman builds the original PalmPaddles in his garage.

Now my game wasn’t dangerous anymore, and wood Paddles can be mass produced. Slowly I realized that I simply have to drop everything and try to take my game to the people!

I was introduced to Ben Sturner, CEO of Leverage Sports Agency. He loved it, and 3 weeks later, we were hosting our 1st Palmball Tournament with world class athletes showcasing incredible skill.

There are several reasons why Palmball is unlike anything you’ve seen before, but the #1 factor is that you have a Paddle in each hand.

Because its easy, Palmball is great for all ages. 6 Years old? No Problem!

85 years old?  Absolutely ! My Dad Loves it.  We play with 3 Generations

It’s great fun at the beach or backyard, but also  perfect for camps, P.E. classes, indoor leagues, beach leagues, and Palmball Cardio will keep your blood pumping. Coaches even incorporate Palmball training to break up the monotony of their own sport, with exceptional eye-hand skill building.