Start playing Sports with your kids earlier than you EVER thought possible!

First graders, who can't hit a beach paddle ball more than twice, will regularly have PalmBall rallies up to 20-30 hits with their parents. How is this even possible?

Fun for All Ages

Palmball is clearly the Perfect 1st Sport

Your Child's 1st experience in Sports is Super Important.
You want them to Love playing, but Sports are hard when you are Young and just getting started. Here is your chance to make it Positive and Fun. It sounds too Good to be True. Watch this Video and you will be a Believer.

Watch the Video
PalmBaall Kids

When playing Palmball with your kids, you are developing these 3 Foundational Skills.

Palmball will set them up for a lifetime of success in sports.

Ball Tracking

Every single sport has an element of ball tracking. Playing Palmball naturally improves tracking skills across a range of activities.

Eye-Hand Coordination

This is the King of All Skill Sets. Every time they hit the ball, they are strengthening their eye-hand coordination.


Your child has to move their feet to be in position for the shot: the easy push into the sky. It's all footwork, all the time.

The summer before you sign them up for any leagues or lessons, lock in these 3 core skills.
Spend that summer playing Palmball with them in the yard and at the beach.

It's great family bonding, and it's also super fun!