Play anywhere, with any size group, and simply KEEP IT ALIVE!

Palmball is the perfect activity for the beach, backyard party, or local park. Grab your Paddles, and a few friends, and simply keep the Ball from hitting the ground.

This is not a competition. When you’re playing socially with friends and family the goal is to “Keep it Alive”. Fantastic for all ages. Little kids love playing with the adults. 80 years old? No worries. Jump in the circle and help keep the point alive.

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Amazing Winter Family Fun. Keep Moving and Stay Warm!

Palmball is considered one of the Best Beach Games, but I kid you not, it’s Super Fun in the Winter. Next Snow Day I want you Playing Blizzard Palmball. You’ve got to play it to believe it. Get outside people!

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Be the 1st on your beach with Palmball and blow people's minds!

Grab a friend or play in a group – the goal is to keep the ball off the ground.

No Setup. Play Anywhere.

Fun for all ages.

Play in a Circle.

Social Distance Activity.

Anyone can join any time.

Play 1v1.